This project is a fork of the default minima theme that Jekyll uses, aiming to add enough functionality to make minima a realistic choice, without any bloat / nonsense.


minimaJake is used to host JakeSteam’s personal, programming, and internet history sites.

This is the live demo, a full guide to all features present in initial release is available in the announcement post.


Native (liquid) features:

  • Table of contents (toggleable & collapsible)
  • Linkable headers
  • Tag system
  • Pagination improvements
  • End of post call to action
  • Social & meta link system in footer
  • Network site picker
  • Open external URLs in new tab (open_external_links_in_new_tab)
  • Plaintext or HTML excerpts (show_excerpts / show_excerpts_html)
  • Read time / word count (replace_read_time_with_word_count)
  • Search

Third party features:

  • Giscus comments
  • Configurable Ko-fi donation button & floating prompt

Design changes:

  • Banner images
  • Accent colour system